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Post by GirlWithACat on Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:50 am

Whelp. Here's my introduction to all you like-minded folk. I'm rapid cycling type 2 bi-polar with sever anxiety and depression. I think that's how I introduce it...I was diagnosed in July so I'm still kind of new to everything.
So from the sounds of it a pretty 'run of the mill' diagnosis as it goes. I'm a transfer from Reddit, lovely folks over there and I love the support I can get. Especially seeing as the internet has a bad name when it comes to supporting individuals who are putting themselves out there.
I'm a married 20-something studying for my cosmetology certification. I have an ESA (emotional support animal) kitten named Gigi so I talk about her a lot. Like a lot lot. Hence the username.
My husband is incredible. We've been together for five years now, married about three months. He's also enrolled in uni, he's studying for a master's in psychology and hopes to eventually become a youth counselor. However, this past year he started having panic attacks. I thought mine were bad until I saw one of his. Crippling is an extremely good way to put it.
So I sometimes feel like when we are both having a depressive/bad day it can be a roadblock. Particularly because he is taking the UN-medicated route. which is absolutely fine, we all choose how we want to tackle our treatment. But that can make for a snappy husband and I'm a softie. I take things to heart. So when this kind of thing happens I'll scuttle off to our bedroom and either hide under the covers with the cat, or power clean. Of course we always talk about it after an hour or so, but it's just one of those things, ya know?
So I suppose that's the basics. Loafing around here and on Reddit so that I can jive with people who know what the fuck I'm talking about when I say things like "Dude, I've been depressive for a week now and I just can't seem to find my focus."


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Hello friends! Empty Re: Hello friends!

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 29, 2014 11:08 am

Welcome! You're in good company here. I've been dying to get a dog, since I grew up with them. Now I live in a dorm style thing, so no pets yet.The second I get out I'm getting a doberman! I'm very much like you in the sense I take things to heart. When I get into fights or arguments I think people hate me and I withdraw. And we all have depressive weeks, but just know everyone on here understands. We're here to help each other find that focus =).

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